Freelance photographer from Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia.


I remember the day when I purchased my first camera. I was about 18 and I had just earned my first money. It was an Olympus camera - back in the days when film roll was the only option. I was inspired by the images from catalogues of outdoor companies. That was back then when there was no internet - only printed catalogues. Climbers on a crest, with sun rising in a background, first soft sun rays hitting snow fields and ridges. I was captivated by these scenes and always wanted to take those pictures. These were my beginnings.

Mountains and sport are my other great loves. I try to combine those two arenas with photography. Sunrises and sunsets, up in the mountains always fire me up. It never gets old.

In my photography I try to capture a specific moment, mood, emotion. In my sports photography I try to be a witness of a not so common state of mind when one is on a brink of power, almost lost, on the edge of trance-like experience. These moments are precious to me and I love to be present when this happens - with my camera.

Let's work together

I am available for a wide variety of photo collaborations. Both home in Slovakia and worldwide.

These are the areas I am opened to:

  • photo licensing
  • outdoor product photography
  • outdoor events (e.g. sport, culture events)
  • long term campaigns (e.g. regional tourist board)
  • portraits
  • weddings (daily part)

If you have an interest to work in an area not listed above please let me know.

Case studies

Here are a few examples of my collaborations and campaigns I have been working on.

Hayden Hawks

I have worked with world elite trail runner Hayden Hawks, USA. We met in Chamonix, France and we could not ask for a better location. This photo shoot concentrated on photos for his social media campaign.

Adrian is an excellent photographer, artist, and has a keen eye for the right shot! With years of experience in the mountains, he is able to get to the right spot and get a shot filled with passion and love for the outdoors and sport. His photography speaks to you in more ways than just a simple photo. I was able to witness this first hand on a shoot in the mountains high above the Chamonix Valley in August of 2021. Adrian connected with me and we had a fun and smooth shoot that produced some incredible results!

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Hayden Hawks

Tatranska Selma

Iconic trail run Tatranska Selma in High Tatras, Slovakia is immensely popular. Only 200 runners can participate and usually all spots are taken within seconds after the registration starts. I had a privilege to capture runners at this event on several occasions.

Adrián Kašniar ponúka profesionálné služby. V našom prípade to bolo zachytenie pretekov v horskom behu a ich účastníkov. Precíznosť a rýchlosť spracovania, taktiež dôraz na detail, okamih a aktuálnu situáciu - to sú hlavné atribúty, ktorými Adrián Kašniar disponuje. Z pohľadu organizátora je veľmi príjemné vedieť, že dohodnuté veci platia a sú dotiahnuté od začiatku do konca. Spolupráca a fotky zachytené počas našich pretekov sú tomu dôkazom. Výsledok práce vo forme kvalitných fotiek má každoročne veľký úspech.

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Tatranska Selma

Dolomites in Autumn

In Autumn 2021 I spent more than 10 days in Italian Dolomites capturing mesmerizing landscapes in this magical season of a year.

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Dolomites in Autumn